I like to think of Spring Cleaning as the time of year where we clean and optimize all things we put off the rest of the ear. You know, the things we didn’t do when we were cleaning up the house over the weekend.


Things like:


Wash the windows
Remove bugs from the light fixtures
Scrub the tile grout
Clean the sliding glass door tracks
Dust all your ceiling fans
Clean the washer/dryer


These are things that we ignore daily. Every day, we try to get everyone fed and out the door on time. We do not realize that there is much to be done around the house on a daily, or even a weekly basis; and it builds up.


Spring Cleaning is sort of like when a pregnant woman gets the urge to nest before the baby is born. Where getting your home in order becomes an important task to complete.


I believe that we get this way because we want some structure in our life, and we also want to feel a sense of pride. Especially when we are all finished doing this tiring task. So, schedule a date, download this Spring Cleaning Checklist, read these tips and get started!!




1. Schedule your cleaning session


The first thing you need to do is figure out when to do this. This seems basic, but is actually the most important item on your list. You need to set aside at least one day for this.


Depending on your schedule:


A. You might need to schedule 1 hour of spring cleaning every night for one week


B. You could schedule a few days to clean while the kids are at school, or even with friends/family


C. The weekend would be a good idea – no running around trying to get everyone taken care of


2. Where will your kids be?
If you have children, then what you need to do next is send them somewhere so they don’t get in the way. Or have them help. Write up a list of chores, difficulty based on age, and get them cleaning! Even turn it into a game for the littler ones.


3. Clean up the night before
Make sure you pick up: Clothes, toys, odds and ends. Put everything in its proper place, and leave it there. Give the kids a couple toys to play with, that do not make a mess or clutter.


4. Wash, dry, and fold laundry
The night or day before, please make sure you clean and put away all dirty clothing. This will give you one less item to do while you are spring cleaning. You can use baskets to carry things across the home. This will ensure that your washer and dryer are open to clean bedding, towels, and other linens.


5. Do the dishes
This is a no brainer! Do the dishes. This is the most tedious and mundane task to do when cleaning. Get these done and put away the day before so you do NOT have to take care of this during your cleaning spree. It also gives you an excuse to deep scrub the machine. No excuses.


6. Gather your supplies
The night before, make sure you get together all your cleaning supplies. Grab a bucket, laundry basket, and a box as item holders. Keeping all your supplies in one area will make it easier to carry from room to room. This way you don’t need to run and grab it every time you need a different tool.


7. Make a playlist
You already know you need some form of entertainment while you do this. Music, audio books, comedy acts, podcasts. Make a playlist of your favorite things to listen to the night before. This will help you get motivated.








1. Get light into the rooms
Natural light will lift your spirits, and get you in the groove to get moving. Open up all the blinds, and windows. You will have energy, and fresh air!


2. Work top to bottom, and left to right
Systematically cleaning will keep you focused and enable you to work efficiently. If you start on the top floor on the left side of the home, and work your way right to bottom, it will help. Don’t forget the bedrooms are usually the worst areas in the home, besides the family areas.


3. Carry a trash bag with you
There will always be trash in any room you go into today. Always have a trash bag with you for obvious reasons. Also maybe a laundry basket for items that need to be carried around. This way you do not make a bunch of un-necessary trips.


4. Finish One room before moving to the next
Do not try to tackle all the rooms at once. One room at a time will make things simple. If you have items to put in a different room, put them into the hamper and carry them around until you get to that room.




You may be exhausted just thinking about all the scrubbing and dusting. But giving your home the deep clean it needs will help you through allergy season and beyond. It is a great way to welcome a new season and freshen up the home.


Let us know your thoughts in the comments!




Until next time friends…
Nicole D., Tobacks Resident Blogger

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