The best time to install solar is when a home is being built. Toback Builders and SolarCity are making this possible by offering Solar Standard Homes in the Delmarva area. We are working together to make sure that all homes built by us, have the option to go solar.




1. No Cost to Participate
There is no cost to take part in this program. It is already figured into the end price, so this is a win-win. SolarCity will install your solar power system for free! You just lease it for a low monthly fee that is less than what you would be paying to the electric company.


2. Solar Homes Can Sell for More Money
According to 2010 article, Solar Homes sold 20% faster, and for 17% more money, as found by a National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) Study.


3. Solar City takes care of all installation, monitoring, repairs, and customer support
Having Solar Lease through SolarCity you get many benefits. They install and maintain the equipment on your home. This way you don’t have to worry about ongoing maintenance costs. SolarCity always monitors your systems performance. If problems happen their service crews will be notified and dispatched. Your panels are covered through insurance for theft and damage.


4. Savings in the first year of ownership
Most people experience more than a 10% savings on their electric bills. Most people only need to pay the administration fees that appear on your bill, and still have a $0 balance.


If you want more information, please make your way into the showroom for more information about our Solar Standard Home program! We’re located at 20375 John J Williams Highway in Lewes DE. Our office hours are Monday-Friday 10-3P




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