It is that time of year, again! Spring is right around the corner, and your yard is in desperate need of attention. If you have kids, there is no reason to do it all yourself. There are several ways you can put your kids to work in the yard so you aren’t struggling to keep up with it all.


Pick up Leaves: Rake up your excess leaves from the fall and put them in a pile for kids to pick up. Bending over and picking up leaves can really strain the back, but kids can easily bend over and pick up leaves. If you let them jump in the pile for a little while, picking them up to put them in a bag won’t be such a hassle


Pull Weeds: Whether it is your flower garden, the edge of your fence, or around your sidewalks, weeds spring up everywhere. A great way to put your kids to work is to have them go out and pull those pesky weeds. Make it a game to see who can pull those most weeds in 5 minutes


Dig Holes: If your kids are anything like my kids, they already like to dig up holes….all over the yard! Put their good talents to use when you’re planting trees, flowers, or vegetables. Show your kids how deep a hole you want and mark out where you want them. Much like a mole, your kids will have those holes dug in no time at all


Water the Yard: Instead of spending precious time watering your grass, flowers, or plants, turn on a sprinkler and let the kids have a blast. They won’t even know their working, but the work will get done. Move the sprinkler around to different parts of the yard so everything gets watered

Painting: Kids love to paint, so if you need a fence painted, your front door, or an old stone, give your kids a big paint brush, some water, and paint and let them go to town. If you really want to get creative, paint their hands with paint and let them add a little spice to your yard with homemade hand prints



Kids are capable of great things whether they realize it or not. Making yard work fun alleviates some of the pressure from you without the stress of fighting with your kids to do it!


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Author: Ashley Winters
Ashley is a well versed writer that has a drive like no one you’ve ever met. She’s focused, determined, and willing to learn. She is also: a social media professional, admin assistant, and a graduate from Bethel College in Mishawaka, IN.

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