Choosing the best siding for your home is important. You want to choose a siding that is durable, beautiful and fits with your home. When it is time to pick out the siding for your new build, you will have several choices. One of the better brands to choose is NuCedar.




NuCedar is Durable


With pre-finished, premium grade, architectural siding, only NuCedar has combine the strength of Cellular PVC and the ageless durability of a coating that knows no compromise. It is water-resistant, and safe against damaging UV rays.


NuCedar is Beautiful


Cedar is one of the most beautiful woods you can ask for, but can be a task to take care of. Milled from Cellular PVC, all of their products are designed to look like natural Cedar wood, and capture the historic character and rustic charm that you know your home can have. And with 18 timeless colors to choose from, you can make your home look just the way you want. You’ll also find 3 exposure options, and 2 texture options to choose from. Whether you are looking for a certain color or style, they are all magnificent all worth choosing.


NuCedar holds true to their warranty


NuCedar Mills carries a 25-year transferable warranty against chipping, peeling or cracking. The vertical siding is water-resistant and can be run direct grade without any concern for rotting, decay or moisture-related coating issues.


NuCedar Siding & Trim Are Fantastic Products


The vertical siding can be used as an accent or to cover the entire home. There are 3 vertical siding styles to choose from. Clapboard is also great. Of course you are able to pick the texture, exposure, and color of your products.

Compliment your NuCedar Shingles with their factory finished Standard Trim. Their Trim is offered in a variety of standard widths, and custom sizes are also available. All trim products are available in 3 textures, and are factory finished with a solar-reflective coating in many traditional colors, and many custom options. Like the siding, the trim & pre-made corners are made of Cellular PVC, and is covered in a complete cladding system that is designed to last decades. All of NuCedars products are durable, low maintenance and easy to install. When it comes to choosing siding & trim, it is important to have options because no one home is alike.


Their Shingles Are Top-Notch


NuCedar shingles are impervious to water and insects, so they can last for years. There are many cooling properties and energy savings potential associated with their solar-reflective finish. This can be very helpful along the beachfront, where the suns UV rays can be super damaging.


When it comes to choosing your siding, you want it to be the best! NuCedar offers quality, beauty, durability, easy install, and backs their warranty 100%. You couldn’t ask for a better company to choose for your siding needs.


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