When you are looking to build a new home, selling your current home can sometimes be tasking Not to worry, Toback Builders is here with 5 amazing tips on how to sell your current home quickly so you can move into the new stick built home you are building!




Improve your Curb Appeal


Nothing is more important than a first impression. When you are selling your home, the first thing a prospective buyer will see is the outside. Make sure that your landscaping is up to date, and your home is clean. Power wash the outside of the house and plant some new flowers around the front of the home. Take suggestions from your realtor as well.




Half-Empty Closets


Every buyer is looking for MORE storage, and they can never get enough of it. Take half of the items out of all of your closets, and organize what is left in there. Prospective buyers like to look in all rooms, closets included. Emptying half of all closets, and organizing them will make it look like you have more than enough space.




Maximize the Lighting in Your home


Good lighting is the one thing that every home buyer wants in a home. Take down the curtains & blinds, clean all of your windows, change your lampshades and light bulbs (make sure the wattage is higher). Cut the bushes outside to let in more sunshine. A home should never be dark and dreary. Bright and cheery will make it very sellable.




De-personalize your Home


One of the most important things to do when selling is to make your home not a home. The more personal items you have in your house; the less potential buyers can imagine themselves living there. Put at least one-third of your belongings into storage – photos, collections, keepsakes, knick-knacks. You may also want to consider hiring a home stager to maximize the full potential of your home to sell. Basically, they will just arrange the furniture in the home in a way that will maximize the use of your space.




Always be Ready to Show Your Home


At all times, your home must be “show-ready”. You never know when a buyer is going to walk in with a realtor (unless your realtor gives you a heads up before). You need to be available whenever someone wants to view the home, and it does need to be in tip-top shape. Keep your dishes cleaned, dishwasher empty, clothes put away, washer & dryer empty! Make sure the bathrooms smell fresh, toilets are clean, and mirrors are washed. Make sure there are no cobwebs or dust bunnies in corners. It is a pain, but will get your house sold.




All in all, you want to sell quickly, and these tips can help you get on your way to selling that house fast! When you are ready to build your new home, we are only one call away!




Until Next Time Friends…
Nicole D., Resident Toback Blogger

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