It is almost summer time here in Lewes Delaware! Time for sunshine, green leaves, fishing trips, boating, and trips to the beach. But the warm season also offers the perfect chance to get work done around the home. Whether it is a new build, renovation, or something you just bought, we suggest taking care of the summer maintenance before summer actually hits. So, below are 7 Ways to get your home in order before summer hits.




1) Clean your Dryer Vent


Without some maintenance, your dryer could cause a house fire. The US Fire Administration reports that nearly 16,000 dryer fires happen every year. This happens mostly because the dryer vents get clogged with lint and dust. This can also cause your clothing to dry a LOT slower than usual.


First, you will need a vent-cleaning brush kit which can clean your dryer vent tubing more thoroughly than a vacuum cleaner. Start by cleaning the lint trap housing with a smaller brush to remove as much lint as possible (although, you should be doing this with every laundry load as well). Disconnect the dryer from the dryer duct and the wall for a more thorough cleaning. Don’t forget to clean the vent on the outside of the home to keep both ends free and clear of lent debris.




2) Power wash your home


Your home will get visibly dirty on the siding and deck/patio areas. Power washing is a quick way to deal with this. When you begin, you will want to soap the siding before you washing the home. All general-purpose washers have detergent attachments. Simple Green is a good brand to use. You can ONLY apply the detergent when the machine is in low-pressure mode, and apply from the bottom up. If some of your siding has begun to mildew, bleach will be required. Mix 1-part household bleach with 10 parts water and wipe it onto the affected area, then rinse with a sponge and clean water. When you are ready, rinse the detergent from the home from top to bottom in high pressure.




3) Clean the Gutters


This is a no-brainer. In the spring, birds will nest there, leaves sticks and pine needles have probably built up, and you will end up with a clog somewhere. Wear a shirt with long sleeves & rubber gloves. Have a good quality extendable ladder, and get a gutter scoop from the hardware store, or even a child’s sand shovel. Make sure you put a plastic tarp under you so you do not ruin your lawn. After you have cleared the muck, flush the gutters and downspouts with a garden hose. This is also a great way to spot any leaks.




4) Tune-up Your Air Conditioning


The number one priority for your home in the summer should be keeping your home cool. Your AC needs to be tuned to inspect and prevent unwanted emergencies. The tune-up is used to inspect refrigerant levels, which is important for the AC to function properly, and keep your summer electric bills low, and also to make sure the fan is functioning well. Make sure you change the filter inside the house as well.




5) Insects


Summer is an insects’ playground. You probably won’t have to look too hard to notice any bug problems. Ants, spiders, moths, etc., are common issues in the summer months, and fairly easy to take care of. Keep cobwebs clear, have ant poison handy, make sure all doors are tightly closed, etc. Make sure all of your windows have their screens up. If you need more help getting rid of insects, check out this article we wrote Pests: What to know and how to keep them at bay




6) Clean and Repair Deck/Patio as Needed


Generally, decks and patios just need a good washing. A deck may need re-staining, and you will want to check for any loose boards or posts, and repair as needed.




7) Clean the Garage


Cleaning the garage should be a summer ritual for any family. Keeping it clean and tidy will extend its life, and often it will be neglected of that. Make sure there is enough space for the bikes, sports equipment and cars. Start by washing the floors, and end by organizing




There you have it folks! The most important 7 things to do with your home before summer hits. Whether you are in Bethany Beach, Fenwick Island, Ocean City Maryland, or Dewey Beach Delaware, you will need to complete at least 5 of the items on this list. If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comment section below, or give the office a call at (302) 644-1015


Until Next Time Friends…
Nicole D., Resident Toback Blogger

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