A mudroom can be an essential part of your home. A mudroom is an area that is built into some homes to act as a barrier between the outside and the inside. They are especially useful in areas that have a lot of mud and rain in the spring, and snow and mud in the winter. This type of small specialized room is a useful addition, as it helps keep the rest of the home free and clear of dirt debris. It also constitutes as a clear boundary between the inside and outside, which can be a useful reminder for animals and energetic members of the household. In this room of the home, you will find easily cleaned floors (usually tile, concrete or linoleum). In extreme cases, you can install a drain in the floor to make cleaning it MUCH easier.


Here are 4 ways you can utilize the mudroom:




Hooks are a great way to store your jackets and coats, gloves and hats in the cold months. They also hold keys and leashes for the dogs.

2) Storage


Storage is always a crucial issue in one’s home. With the mudroom, comes ample storage space if you are thinking outside of the box. Get a piano bench to put your shoes on. Underneath the piano bench you can add shoe racks so shoes do not clutter up the floor. Cubby shelving units also help to organize any child or adult.


3) Plenty of light


Depending on your specific plans, a mudroom can serve many purposes. The room can double as a laundry room. Make sure the lighting design works best for the size of your mudroom as well as the other tasks that you are going to perform there. Don’t forget natural light in addition to artificial lighting by adding multiple windows to the rooms design.




4) A Space for a Recycling Center


If your kitchen cabinets don’t allow much space for recycling, your mudroom might be the next best place. An area occupied by bins can make it easier to cart them outside. This frees up the kitchen, for more kitchen-like tasks




There are a ton of ways to utilize your mudroom, but these are the simplest ways that we would utilize our own mudrooms. They aren’t as big as a garage or basement, but provide a functioning space for all of your needs. What other ways can you utilize a mudroom? Let us know in the comments below!




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