Gardens and gardeners come in all shapes, sizes and needs. We are short and tall & right or left handed. Each garden is different. They can be large vegetable gardens, or a small flower bed. But one thing it all has in common is that we want are garden tools to last, and to work as hard as we do.




Garden tools come in all shapes and sizes, and the uses vary depending on the person and type of garden. A simple hand hoe may be the favorite tool for the veggie gardener planting seeds, or someone weeding their flower bed. Below, you will find the 5 tools we recommend any gardener to have under their belt.




1) Garden Rake
This useful garden tool can be used for a lot of different tasks in the garden. Light weeding can be done with a sturdy rake. You can pull up shallow rooted weeds and gather them for disposal all at once. You can mix top soil with compost and smooth out the top layer of garden beds.



2) Spade or Shovel
These terms are often interchangeable, used for digging tools that lift up and move materials, usually compost or soil. You can use these for many tasks such as making ditches or filling garden beds.



3) Hand Trowel
This is used for digging small holes. Usually to plant seedlings and bulbs for borders and gardens



4) Shears
There is a large variety of hand-held shears. You will need small bypass shears for roses, and looping shears for small limb trees. If you have hedges to trim, a good pair will come in handy. You can use shears with long blades for this job. This device is much safer than powered hedge trimmers, and neater.


5) Wheelbarrow
These can be made of metal or plastic. They move soil, plants, hay, or anything else that you can fit in it. Most have one wheel and two handles to push. Some may have extra wheels for added stability. It becomes your buddy while doing most of your gardening chores.




What tools do you use in your garden? Let us know in the comments below.


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