It is that wonderful time of the year when homeowners are spending more time outside with their family and friends. Swimming, grilling, and entertaining on their patios. Due to a large shift in the millennial generation now becoming homeowners, outdoor living is in high demand. The following design trends are going to be huge this year, and are easy to incorporate into your Toback Home.




Classic Outdoor Spaces


With all of the new technology and trends, one thing doesn’t change – the demand for a large, comfortable patio or deck. A place for relaxing and family get togethers. These areas are necessary in any household with a habit of throwing many small barbeques. These spaces can include your basic deck or patio, grill, patio furniture, etc. Some spaces go so far to include a hot tub and sound system. Multi-level decks are great as well, as you have designated places to eat, cook, or relax.




Outdoor Cooking


The ability to cook and dine outdoors is huge. Whether it is developing a small garden, or having a complete outdoor kitchen. Smokers, grills, and even pizza ovens are becoming popular in these outdoor spaces. Sometimes you just want to be outside, even if that means eating and cooking there. It can be a very fun experience. If you are curious to know more about an outdoor kitchen, read our article: Enhancing Your Patio with an Outdoor Kitchen!




Natural Retreats


Getting away from the annoyance of everyday life is important for most. Having a tranquil place outside to do that can be very rewarding. Rock gardens, maybe a bench next to that pond you want to install, maybe a new area to house your brand new bird bath. These are all going to be much more commonplace in the upcoming season. Sometimes you just want to sit under a tree next to flowers and read that book. It all depends on your needs and wants.




Fire Features


The natural element of an outdoor fire is a great source of satisfaction to any homeowner. You can have a range of fire features such as a fire pit or an outdoor fire place. Most people find enjoyment hanging around an open fire at night while they spend time with their families and friends, maybe roasting a marshmallow or two. In addition to contributing to the ambiance of the outdoor space. The warmth also allows you to enjoy the seasons longer.




Toback Builders prides itself on creating exciting homes that feature new design trends. We can build your home to your exact needs, whatever they may be. When you are ready to re-design your current home, or build a brand new one, we will be here ready to create your dream space.




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Nicole D., Resident Toback Blogger

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