You may have just moved into your new neighborhood, you may have been there for years and have a flurry of new neighbors moving in. While the best way to meet your neighbors may just be to knock on their doors and say hi, the direct approach is not for everyone.


If you have no idea how to introduce yourself to the new people, here are 5 ways to do so!




1. Don’t Shy Away from Common Places


Most neighborhoods have common places where events happen regularly, or where residents can relax. In my neighborhood it is the pool and clubhouse. Spend more time in the common areas of your neighborhood and you will start to see the same faces.




2. Take a Walk


Walk your dog or your friends dog. Take a walk by yourself, or with your kids. You often see the same people outside over and over again. Children are great conversation starters, and often lead the way to making new friends. Eventually you will start seeing familiar faces and conversations will start without trying too hard.




3. Work in Your Front Yard


Water your plants regularly, weed, plant new plants, do a home repair project in the driveway, etc. The more interesting the things you are doing look, the more likely your neighbors will actually stop to ask you about it. You would really be surprised how many neighbors you will see throughout the week.




4. Festivals and Neighborhood Events


A no-brainer way to get to know your neighbors is by attending local events that celebrate the neighborhood. It can feel a bit awkward to go to these things alone, but well worth it if you get to meet a few potential pals.




5. Introduce Yourself


This sounds simple enough. But making the first move and knocking on your neighbor’s door to introduce yourself will position you positively within the community. People will be peeking through their blinds or watching you move your stuff in as they do their chores. Once the movers have left, and all the dust is settled don’t be shy! Apologize for any inconvenience that the moving truck may have caused. They will appreciate your courtesy and will probably start asking questions.




Enjoy the process of meeting everyone, as these are the people you are going to be living around for a very long time. But by far, the best way to attract positive attention from your neighbors is to be the best neighbor and friend you can be.




Until Next Time Friends…
Nicole D., Resident Toback Blogger

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